We at Yara are part of a global network, collaborating to profitably solve some of the world's key challenges - resource scarcity, food insecurity and environmental change.

Full-Stack Developer, Yara Digital Labs Oslo

About the Unit

Yara is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fertilizers and plant nutrition solutions. Our mission is to feed the world in a responsible and sustainable way. The Yara Digital Factory with locations in Europe, Brazil, Singapore, and North America builds and designs digital solutions to help farmers globally use our products more efficiently and to improve the ecological footprint by creating business models that make our products more accessible. We build solutions for farmers, construct hardware and sensors, crunch satellite data, apply artificial intelligence, and turn research results into solutions. Our team consists of designers, software engineers, hardware developers, data scientists, solution managers and product owners.

As a Full-Stack developer you will have the opportunity to work within our product team to create engaging, user-centric services that solve the needs of the 21st century farmer around the world.


  • Work within a product team with a product manager, designers, and other developers to create solutions and focused on our customers’ needs.
  • Participate in the full life cycle of a product, from early stage rapid prototyping through to full market release and continuous improvement after initial launch.
  • Architect and develop user centric web solutions.
  • Close collaboration with Tech Lead and other team members to solve challenges and maintain level of technical consistency across the organization.


  • Extensive project experience in server and client side development (Asp.net, Node.js, Javascript, React, Angular, HTML5, CSS).
  • Strong experience in Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery frameworks.
  • Familiar with SQL and NoSQL database technologies.
  • Experience with the most popular cloud platforms (AWS, Azure).
  • Certification and proven records that you follow best practices and design patterns.

Additional Information

Our tech stack:

• Languages and frameworks: .Net, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Microsoft SQL, ReactJS, ReactNative, Angular.
• Tools: AWS, Azure, GitLab, Jenkins, Jira, Docker.
• Principles: agile, customer-centric, lean, service-oriented architecture, self-organization, transparency.

   Preferred location is Oslo, Norway.